How to wear your Wayuu Bag to stand out any outfit.

So you've been seeing those beautiful and colorful Colombian bags all over the internet, and you are fascinated with them, but you are not sure how to pair them with your outfits or how they could look on you?
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I am very glad that you are here reading this article. Hello, my name is Claudia and I am from Colombia, I was born and raised with the beautiful and vibrant culture and ethnicity that make us proud of being Colombians.

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The Wayuu tradition was born through one of our many indigenous groups, the Wayuu tribe. This ethnic group of the la Guajira peninsula in the northernmost part of Colombia for centuries has been crocheting the beautiful and colorful bags with ancient crochet techniques that have been passed from woman to woman for generations. For the Wayuu people and also in my personal belief, colors transmit energy. Vibrant colors transmit happiness that can enhance your mood, and Wayuu bags are exactly that!
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Wearing a Wayuu bag can be so easy and effortless. Dare to explore with your outfits.
You can use solid color Wayuu bags with printed outfits and you can enhance the look of any solid color attire with pattern Wayuu bags. Be creative and wear it crossbody style, as a shoulder bag and even knot the strap to make it look like a short tote bag on your shoulder too.
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In Colombia, Wayuu bags are our everyday accessory for women and also for men. These mochilas Wayuu start the day with us and they have become our best traveling companion to the office, school, supermarket, the beach, and they also get to travel the world with us.

Wayuu bag in Robson Sqaure, Vancouver

Wayuu bags are to be worn all year round, regardless of the season, they look gorgeous with a pair of jeans, shorts,  dress  and even with a winter jacket. Something wonderful about these unique bags from Colombia is the fact they are lightweight and they can carry tons of things inside.

For travelling are the perfect bags, just fold them flat on your suitcase as they don’t lose their shape and they occupy such a small space.

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And lastly, when you wear a Wayuu bag from Origin Colombia, you are supporting our group of indigenous Wayuu that work with us creating wonderful and unique designs that you won’t find anywhere.
Our Wayuu artisans work hard to support their families. We pay our artisans what they deserve for their work and they work in a healthy and safe environment. They are happy knowing that they designs travels the world, it means a lot to them. When you buy our Wayuu bags, you are helping our small group of artisans to have better life conditions and their kids food and education.

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All our Wayuu bags are made with a lot of love and dedication.
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