The Wayuu Bag Full of Colour and Tradition

The Wayuu weaving style is a practice that goes back to the time of the ancients. The story goes that the spider Walekerü was the spirit animal that taught our ancestors how to weave. From there, through the fabric, we shape our culture, using the symbols that represent us and our daily life. We associate colours with our environment, the green of the cactus, the brown of the earth, the blue of the sea ...

When we weave, we do it with love. The combination of colours and the intricate weaving together transmit joy, emotion, peace. And elegance as well, always with dedication so that every Wayúu piece is perfect, woven with symmetry and detailed design.

Weaving is a way of life. Today, it is not just tradition. Indeed, it is one of the activities that sustains our economy. By selling our crafts we obtain the sustenance to feed our children. This is why we are very happy to know that abroad they love our bags and purses. We know that our tradition will not die, and that it travels the world through our products of heritage. All this encourages us to continue weaving with more and more commitment and excellence.

When you buy a Wayúu bag, you take the love of an artisan woven into one unique bag, imbued with her energy and essence.

Wayuu Artisan