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Origin Colombia

Ale Wayuu Bag

Ale Wayuu Bag

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Wayuu bags are a unique and exquisite representation of Colombia's cultural heritage, as well as a beautiful and practical accessory for any modern lifestyle. Handmade by talented Wayuu women artisans, each Wayuu bag is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that reflects the creativity and energy of the artisan who crafted it. Using ancient crochet techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation, these artisans create colorful Colombian bags that are not only visually stunning but also highly functional and durable.

Crafted from lightweight and strong materials, Wayuu bags are capable of carrying all of your essentials while still maintaining their elegant shape. Whether you're heading to the office, out for a casual day of shopping, or embarking on an adventure to a far-off destination, a Wayuu mochila is the perfect complement to any outfit, in any season.

At the heart of our commitment to these beautiful Colombian bags is our recognition of the importance of the Wayuu artisan community. We pay our artisan's fair wages so that they can support their families and maintain their craft. We also ensure they are treated with love and respect and receive recognition for their incredible work. By purchasing a Wayuu bag, you're not only getting a beautiful accessory but also contributing to preserving a time-honored craft and supporting the livelihoods of talented artisans. So whether you're looking for a practical travel companion or a statement piece to enhance your wardrobe, a Wayuu is a perfect choice.


ꙮ This Wayuu bag is lightweight, yet strong and sturdy enough to carry all your essentials.
ꙮ Each Colombian bag comes with care instructions inside.
ꙮ The Wayuu mochila It’s also easy to fold and put in your suitcase for your next travel destination without taking much space.
ꙮ Due to each mochila Wayuu being individually hand-crafted and delicately crocheted, sizes may vary slightly.
ꙮ This unique Wayuu bag makes a lovely gift for your mom, girlfriend, wife, friend and anyone who appreciates a handmade gift with wisdom, dedication and love.
ꙮ Do you have any questions? Send us an email at

Key Features:

  • Handmade in Colombia, preserving age-old traditions
  • 100% original Wayuu bag, a true symbol of authenticity
  • Crafted using crochet and ancient weaving techniques, taking 8-10 days to complete
  • The shoulder strap features a beautiful intricate geometric design, adding an extra touch of elegance
  • Two delicately knitted embroidery capped tassels grace the front of the bag, reflecting the artisan's meticulous attention to detail
  • Secure drawstring closure for peace of mind and easy access

Approximate Measurements:

  • Height: 22-28 cm | 11”- 12”
  • Width: 32-34 cm | 12”-13”
  • Strap drop: 51-52 cm | 20”-21"

Immerse yourself in the world of Colombian bags, where tradition, beauty, and practicality converge to create a truly captivating.

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