Nurturing Wayuu Artisans: Our Dedication to Ethical Practices at Origin Colombia

Nurturing Wayuu Artisans: Our Dedication to Ethical Practices at Origin Colombia

At Origin Colombia, fair trade is not just a concept; it's a vital thread woven into our brand identity. It symbolizes our unwavering dedication to fostering respect for the incredible work of our Wayuu artisans and establishing positive and equitable partnerships with the Wayuu Indigenous Community, a collaboration we are honored to be a part of.

Empowering Wayuu artisans through ethical practices at Origin Colombia.

Our Pledge to Fair Trade:

Our mission extends beyond mere profit. It's about embarking on a transformative journey to uplift the lives of each Wayuu artisan associated with us. We aim to provide enhanced opportunities, guiding them in the basics of business to prevent exploitation in the international market. Our mission is to instill hope and showcase, through our business, the commitment and artistry imprinted in every Wayuu bag.


Aligned with Our Principles and Commitment, We Embrace:

Ensuring fair wages that dignify our artisans.
Supporting their workplace.
Ensuring environmental sustainability.
Respecting cultural identity.
Offering continuous support.
Educating consumers.
For us, it's paramount that the funds invested in inventory directly empower our group of Wayuu artisans.

Every Wayuu bag at Origin Colombia is meticulously handmade and unique, allowing for the freedom of creativity for each artisan. Our Wayuu artisans autonomously set prices they deem fair for their skills, time, and materials. This foundation of trust fosters respect, transparency, and teamwork.

Wayuu artisan weaving-Origin Colombia

In supporting our artisans, we believe we are on the right path, simultaneously giving back with gratitude and sharing our expertise to prepare them for international markets.

Join us in our quest to create meaningful changes, one handcrafted story at a time. Your support means a lot to us!

Origin Colombia

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