Care Instructions: Avoid Machine Wash and Dryer.


While machine wash may not always be harmful, it's best to skip it whenever possible. The machine can strain the bag, causing damage and loss of shape. Washing in the machine depends on the fabric and weaving density, but we don't recommend it, just like using the dryer, as they can both damage the bag and its details. Treat your bag with care, it's special.

Handwash with Control:

Handwashing is the ideal option for your bags. It allows you to control the pressure on the fabric, deciding how much to rub on stains.

Spot Cleaning with Care:

For smaller stains, focus on the affected area rather than washing the entire bag. Gently scrub the stain with a soft brush and hand soap or mild detergent.

Dry Naturally:

Avoid machine drying; instead, let the bag dry naturally in the sunlight. Hang it carefully to retain its shape, but ensure it's not exposed to direct sunlight. Opt for a shaded area on a sunny day.

Preserve Your Bag's Look:

Your handbag reflects your personality, so don't compromise on its appearance. If necessary, consider a professional dry clean to maintain its outlook. It's better to invest in care than risk damaging your bag.