Taking Care of your Bags

Avoid Machine Wash and Dryer:

Machine wash is not always harmful to your bag, but it's always advisable that you skip the machine wash if you can. The machine puts a lot of strain on the bag making it non-worthy to ruin your bags. And sometimes, the bag shrinks and loses their original shape. Washing a mochila bag in the machine totally depends upon the bag’s fabric and the resilience of the weaving density. We don’t recommend it as we don’t recommend either to use the dryer, it will damage the bag and the details. Treat your bag as something very special.


Hand wash is the best option to wash your bags. The manual wash helps you to keep control over the pressure area on the fabric. This will ensure whether you should rub more on the stain or just leave as it is.

Scrub with a soft brush:

If your stain is visible on a smaller area, you don’t need to wash the whole bag. It’s better to wash the dirty area only. Use a small towel or old tooth brush and rub the area with hand soap or soft detergent and brush it very gentle.

Dry in Sunlight:

Let the bag dry in sunlight, never machine dry. Simply hang the bag in such a way that it retains its original shape. And make sure to not give it direct sunlight, instead dry them in a shade on a sunny hot day.

Dry Clean:

It’s important to understand that your handbag defines your personality. Don’t compromise on your handbag’s look. Get a dry clean, if needed. It's better to spend money rather than ruin your bag or its outlook.