Rediscovering the Magic of Wayuu Bags: My Journey with Origin Colombia by Diane Writes

Rediscovering the Magic of Wayuu Bags: My Journey with Origin Colombia by Diane Writes

It was late 2019 when I discovered Wayuu bags. I was impressed with the craftsmanship and historical background of the bags. I once acquired a piece from a local reseller until the pandemic happened.

I wasn't able to maximize the colorful and spacious bag. I kept the bag somewhere and almost forgot about it. Had it not because of the Disney movie, Encanto, I would not have remember one of my favorite bags. 

After finishing the movie, I decided to search for other suppliers of Wayuu Bags. Until recently, I encountered Origin Colombia. The owner used to be based in the Philippines. Even if she moved abroad, she managed to continue and even expand the business. 

I appreciate that the seller opted to establish a website. All the information I needed are provided and I don't need to send a message and wait for replies.


  Origin Colombia website

The usual Wayuu bags are in sling / drawstring structure. It's my first time to see Wayuu bags in backpacks and handbags styles. 

Origin Colombia's Wayuu backpacks were infused with genuine leather materials. Natural Leather perfect complements each perfectly woven Wayuu bag. This also reminds me why I really appreciate Wayuu bags. Each piece is carefully woven, leading to a stunning and sturdy masterpiece.

Initially, I thought the bag might be too soft and designed for light items. I've seen a number of Wayuu bags and I can personally attest that each piece is worth the purchase. 

Here are the other collections and styles of Wayuu Bags from Origin Colombia 

I always associate the Esperanza Collections to colorful and intricate patterns. If you have seen the process of weaving, you are most likely aware of the challenge in producing patterns. 

The Classic Collections showcases the traditional drawstring Wayuu bags in monotone shades. This collection is perfect for those who prefer the muted version of the bag. 


 The Albania Collection offers an alternative to the usual sling bags. Those who prefer handbags will appreciate the Albania style. What caught my attention was the braided straps and pompoms. This would be a perfect beach or summer bag.  

Tote bag with handles-Origin Colombia

I fell in love with this design. It's in my favorite color and the complementing pompoms and tassels make it more attractive. 

The Albania collection is also perfect for those who wear monotone or muted outfits everyday. The bag can provide that much needed color to anyone's muted #OOTD.  

Another first, a Wayuu purse. This can also make it as another summer bag.  

Wayuu Backpack with leather-Origin Colombia

The Esperanza collection is Origin Colombia's unique Wayuu-Mochila selections. Designs are handpicked by the owner and distinct for the brand. 

Visit Origin Colombia's site to see their entire collection. The site also provides significant information from the Wayuu artisans. Discounts are available for first orders and subscribers. 

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